Encouragement from others

Today I share with you part of a blog post from a family that I have been following.  They are currently in the midst of adopting two girls from Ukraine.  I was very encouraged by their post and it was such a good reminder to me that this whole thing belongs to God.  It is indeed HIS plan, HIS mission, HIS timing, HIS sheep.  We are merely the vessels through which he carries out His plans.  I take great comfort in knowing that it is not my responsibility to figure out every detail of how our journey is going to unfold.  It is my responsibility to give it up to the Lord and trust him with all that lies ahead.

From Ezekiel 34:

“I myself will search for my sheep and will seek them out.  As a shepherd seeks out his flock when he is among his sheep that have been scattered, so will I seek out my sheep, and I will rescue them from all places where they have been scattered on a day of clouds and thick darkness…I will seek the lost, and I will bring back the strayed, and I will bind up the injured, and I will strengthen the weak…”

“Today we go back to finish the process.  It’s ironic that early on, we were excited about the lost sheep passage in Luke.  We’d left the 99 (the comfort of home, family, and friends) to go after the 1 (two actually, but we didn’t know it yet).  We searched high and low.  We waited and wondered if we would find the lost sheep that the Lord had called us to go after.  It’s so beautiful that we would come back to that place today, but with an even more healthy perspective.  Though it was us going hard after the sheep, we couldn’t make it happen.  The Lord is their shepherd.  He’s a better searcher than we are.  He alone can rescue them.  He alone can save them.  In the past two weeks of being at home, we have come to a a place of truly understanding that unless the Lord builds the house, its laborers labor in vain.  This is His rescue.  These are His girls.  This is what He does.  He brings light to the dark places.  He brings redemption to injustice.  He places the orphans in homes.  We’re excited to be able to be eyewitnesses to the work of God in this adoption, and we’re beyond ready to be back in Ukraine.”


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  1. Bruce at work
    Sep 15, 2010 @ 15:50:15

    Thank you for your encouragement today my Dear!


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