First Phone Call!

I’ve really been sensing an urgency all week to talk with Ilya.  I finally got a phone card for Ukraine yesterday and we were all set to try to call him.  We called him this morning before we left for church and we got to talk to him for about 8 minutes!  It gave us such joy to hear his sweet voice and we pray that it was good for him to hear all of our voices as well.  Each child said hi to him and we asked him some basic questions in Russian or our English-Russian combo language that seems to get us by.   We were able to ask him “How are you?”  “How is school?”  “Would you like us to call again next Sunday?”  We also told him that we love him and miss him.  It was SUCH an incredible blessing to be able to talk with him for a bit.  He returned to Ukraine almost two months ago and we were not given the phone number to reach him until last month.  We were slow with getting around to it, due to the logistics of it all.  The orphanage suggested that the best time for us to call is between 5:00 and 6:00pm Ukraine time, which is between 9:00 and 10:00am our time.  The only day of the week that we are all home at that time is Sunday, which is busy because we are getting ready for church during that time.  So yesterday we made a commitment to doing it today and planned our morning accordingly and finally pulled it off!


Received fingerprint appointment!

We were very encouraged to receive this in the mail today and really feel like we’re cruising along in the adoption process.  Our fingerprint appointment is scheduled for Monday, Novemeber 8 at 11:00am.  I am so glad it’s not at 7:00am!!  I made a declaration today that I am going to quit washing dishes until after my fingerprint appointment so my cracked finger tips can heal up. : )

Received I-797C

Today we received the I-797C from the Department of Homeland Security confirming their receipt of our I-600A and accompanying materials.  Woo hoo!  Now we will wait to receive our fingerprint appointment.

I-600A Submitted

Our boy on the day he returned to Ukraine.

I received a copy of our completed home study last Thursday afternoon and prepared everything that needed to accompany the I-600A (Application for Advance Processing of Orphan Petition).  On Friday, I sent it by Express Mail for about 20 bucks to arrive the next day by noon!  So it should be sitting in the PO Box of USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) for someone from the Department of Homeland Security to pick up today! I sent it by Certified Mail, so that I will receive proof that they received it.  Let the waiting game begin.  The next step will be receiving our appointment time to get finger-printed in St. Paul.  After that, we will wait (120 days we’ve been told to expect) for our approval letter so that we can move on to preparing our dossier to submit to Ukraine.  We welcome prayers for supernatural expedition!

Orphan Statistics in Ukraine

I am adding a link today to Karen’s blog.  She has posted the most recent and accurate orphan statistics.  She works closely with orphans in Ukraine and I believe that she is a very reliable source for accurate information.  Check it out… it’s a good read.  Sad AND encouraging all at once!