USCIS Approval Received!

Today, we received a wonderful Christmas gift from the United States government: our approval to adopt! This is a huge milestone in the process, and now our final step here in the US is to have our documents apostilled (which is basically an approval of all the notary stamps on our documents.) At that point, we start working with our facilitators in Ukraine! Please join us in praise of our Lord!


Home Study Resubmitted

Well, I picked up our amended home study today from the adoption agency and put it together with the other items needed to satisfy the request from USCIS.  I sent it off by Certified Mail, so hopefully they will receive it early next week.  We are really hoping to receive our USCIS approval by the end of December.  Once we receive that, then we will wait for the facilitator in Ukraine to give us the go ahead to send our documents over.