The documents have left the country

It has been a whirlwind three weeks with many trips around the metro chasing and delivering document revisions, but we have very good news to share with you. The medical forms were completed (with Bruce’s requiring two revisions and Jill’s one), the employment verification document was wrapped up (only two revisions there also) and home ownership proven. The last document was delivered to our agency this past Monday, and the agency arranged for same-day apostille service at the Minnesota Secretary of State’s office on Tuesday. The dossier was sent over to Eastern Europe Tuesday evening, so now it’s all in the hands of our facilitators and translators. As of right now, all our stateside preparations are complete, and the next activities are in Eastern Europe. Praise God who made all the arrangements fall into place for dossier completion in only three short weeks including two physical exams at the clinic!


Working on Dossier

We have been informed by our adoption agency that it is time to start assembling the components of our dossier!  So our week suddenly became busier.  Some of what this involves is:  appointments for physicals with our doctors, blood tests, verification of employment and income, lots of forms to fill out and sign, proof of ownership of our home, proving we do not have state police records, etc.  We’ve already gone through some of this, so it seems redundant.  But we need to satisfy the requirements of the Ukrainian government and be able to stand before a judge in Ukraine and be deemed suitable parents for this child.  So we will happily jump through the necessary hoops on Ilya’s behalf.  We would appreciate prayers for all these steps to go smoothly and not have something hinder progress.  Our agency is hoping to submit our dossier to our facilitator in Ukraine by January 20.  This is a very tight deadline.  Thanks for your prayers and encouragement!