We’re in wait mode for the moment

Guest-poster husband of Motorcyclemama to 5 is sneaking in a post while the Lovely Motorcyclemama is out to lunch with some of the ladies from church. I wish I had exciting news to share, but, unfortunately we’re only in wait mode. The only thing we can be sure of is that our documents are (feverishly?) being translated into Ukrainian for submission to the SDA. We don’t have a confirmation of our submission appointment yet, but we will pass that along as soon as we know. In the meantime, we’re keeping on keeping on. Since I am taking a break from grad school for this semester for adoption reasons, we switched our regular Sunday morning call to our new son to Saturday. We had a good conversation with him again despite a few foibles. A couple of weeks ago I had realized that female orphanage worker who normally answers the phone spoke Ukrainian, not Russian. Duh. So, trying to prepare to be a good visitor to Ukraine, I gave my best Ukrainian “please” to the man who answered instead. Bless him, he replied, “One minute.” I guess it is not possible to disguise this American voice. In any case, we learned that our new son’s favorite subject in school is mathematics. This may or may not be helpful when we visit with school officials on Wednesday to talk about ESL and enrollment. We’re so happy that he takes our calls every time. We tore him away from watching television yesterday, by his own report, but it blesses us all to hear his voice every week.


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