Ups and Downs

The roller coaster of emotions continues as we press forward on the adoption path on which God has placed us.  A couple weeks ago, we learned that two of the children that were hosted by another one of the families who participated in the same orphan hosting program that we did, were in the process of being adopted by a different family in Ukraine.  We were somewhat shocked and saddened to hear this as the hosting family is in the process of getting their paperwork ready to be submitted to Ukraine.  They were expecting to be traveling in the spring to carry out the adoption of these two children and another sibling.  While the host family and we sincerely desire God’s best for these children, it is hard to understand why they would come this far in the process only to have it interrupted by an alternate ending.  This family believed that they were carrying out God’s plan for their family and these kids, so it is difficult to sort through all of the emotions and facts of what has happened and make sense of it.  A few things that we are sure of:  God’s love for them, his ability to provide for their every need, and that his plans for us are for our good – but from God’s perspective, which can differ greatly from our own.  So we must continue to trust in Him and ask him to guide us as we move forward.

Another family, who is pursuing the adoption of one of our boy’s good friends, has received THE phone call that us prospective adoptive parents all anxiously await.  They will be leaving on March 14.  Since our paperwork was submitted 15 days after theirs, we are anticipating a phone call by the end of next week or so and hope to be traveling the last week in March.  So this is the good news and we are greatly anticipating the day when we will see our boy again.

What else has been on my heart lately?  Well, I’ve been thinking a lot about how deeply I desire for Ilya to truly feel part of our family once we are back home.  Every member of our family totally embraces him and loves him and we so want him to feel like the rest of us do about being a part of this family.  We don’t want him to feel like he is just living with a family who cares about him.  God is grafting him into our family and we desire that he feels as securely attached to the trunk as the rest of us do.  Please join us in praying that God will continue to prepare Ilya’s heart and mind to become a permanent part of our family.


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