New Name?

I am preparing a care package to send to Ilya today.  It will probably be the last one that we send since we hope to be traveling soon.  We can’t wait to see him in person again.  I’m sure he will look older since nearly 7 months have passed since he was here with us.  His care package includes: a Mario t-shirt, a few small toys, drawings from each of the girls, Lego magazines from Brian, some M&Ms, some Tootsie Pop suckers, and a disposable camera.  We encouraged him to take pictures of his friends and then said “hang onto the camera so we can print pictures when we get there.”  Although, we have no idea if it is possible to do that in Ukraine, so it might have to wait until we get back to the States.

We spoke to him again on the phone last Sunday.  Using Google translator, we asked him if he is worried about anything concerning his upcoming adoption.  He said “yes.”  We were so thankful that he was honest with us.  I think this demonstrates that we have built some trust with him.  I was so blessed to be able to offer him reassuring words and encouragement as his mom.  We were a little scared to ask (or maybe concerned about his potential answer) but thought it would be good to know where he is at in his mind.  So I typed “Do you still want to come back to America with us?”  He said “yes” again without hesitation.  We would only be temporarily discouraged if he hadn’t said yes and would have considered it a matter of prayer to break through his fear, but it was comforting to hear him say yes and to know that he is still on board with God’s plan.

We also discussed the possibility of changing his name.  We were planning to keep his first name and give him a middle name along with our last name.  We were challenged in our thinking on this as we visited with another adoptive family last Saturday.  We knew that many adoptive parents choose to do this, but we thought due to his age and some other factors that he might wish to keep his birth name.  Well, we asked him what he would like to do and to our surprise he said that he would like a new name.  We are pretty sure he has been influenced by a good friend who has planned since last summer to change his own name!  So we are giving this more thought and obviously need to discuss it more with Ilya in person with an interpreter so we are all understanding each other.  We also included a letter from me and Bruce in his care package and shared with him the middle name that we had chosen.  Now he will have the opportunity to think a bit more about it before we see him.

We still have not been informed of an SDA appointment date, but we are trying to wait patiently and are still hopeful to hear something by the end of the week.


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