Day 2 – Dinner with the Ritzman family

The Ritzman's

It was nice to wake up this morning in a bed, rather than an airplane, after a half-way decent night’s sleep.  We are so grateful to be here and have been reflecting on all the ways in which God has blessed us along the way.  I forgot to mention in my last post that we had only one checked bag of six that exceeded the 50 lbs limit.  We weighed it at home and all was well until we realized we needed to add a nebulizer and medicines that we had forgotten to pack.  When we checked the bag at the airport, it weighed in at 52 lbs.  We had been sharing with the Delta agent our reason for traveling and she was moved by our story and graciously chose to waive the excess baggage fee.  We were surprised and felt blessed.

Back to Day 2… we managed to get a couple of the kids through the shower in the morning, did some schooling, and then got ourselves out the door and around the corner to eat at a cafeteria-style restaurant that our facilitator had recommended.  There was a good variety of Ukrainian food and it was very good.  All the kids found something they liked and the serving staff was tolerant of us struggling through asking for what we wanted.  It was a busy place, so it was a little stressful being in line with 6 people, including 4 kids in our party, but we managed.  So we all ate well, had some leftovers, and spent 180 grivna, which is about $22.  Not bad, especially considering we got a lot of different foods to try and more than what we needed for one meal.  So we could have spent even less and it will be cheaper when we eat there again now that everyone knows what they like.  It was definitely a great option for our family!

We got home after lunch, had some down time, did a little more schooling, and then made contact with the Ritzman’s for the first time in Ukraine.  They invited us to join them for dinner at Solo Pizza down in the underground mall near Maidan Square.  We had a fabulous time talking and sharing and getting to know one another’s families.  They are delightful people and we are so glad to be in Ukraine at the same time.  They also live in the Twin Cities and are in the process of adopting our boy’s good friend.  So it is great for us to be connected.

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