Day 5 – SDA Appointment #1

Today was our first big official day of business in Ukraine.  Our SDA appointment was at noon.  Our attorney came to pick us up at 11:30 in his wife’s car.  We just assumed that arrangements had been made to accommodate our larger-than-some family.  Well, we were wrong.  We were faced with two choices:  1. Leave the kids at the apartment alone in a foreign country or 2.  Squeeze all of us into his little car somehow.  We opted for choice #2, so Bruce jumped in the front with the attorney and the kids and I piled into the back seat with Olivia on my lap and Katie on Brian’s.  I’m sure it looked like one of those clown cars at the circus when we all climbed out of there.  The onlookers probably wondered when the string of exiting passengers would end!

The appointment went very smoothly with the [social worker] at the SDA office.  Unfortunately, the signed custody papers that are needed to make our boy available for adoption had not yet arrived.  We were given a new appointment for Wednesday at 2:00.  We never had a doubt in our minds that this would be taken care of in due time and we left feeling good about our situation and knowing that God is still in control.  I have such peace in my heart – it is really incredible.  We received a phone call from our facilitator about one hour after our appointment ended.  He said the papers had been signed and will be available for our Wednesday appointment!  So we are very pleased and thankful.  Thank you for your prayers on this matter!

Our attorney is very focused and rather serious, but he was very personable and pleasant to interact with.  He even posed for a picture with us outside the SDA office.  He was impressed when Bruce read a sign in Russian.  He was very considerate of the kids.  The kids did an amazing job behaving just as we had asked them to.  I don’t recall ever asking my kids to have perfect behavior before, but I told them this was a very important meeting and that they needed to be on their very best behavior.  They did an excellent job and we were very proud of them!

Last week (during the kids’ spring week) we did some school work casually to get a head start.  We started up today for real, and even though it was difficult at first to keep them reeled in and focused on school, we ended up having a productive first day.  They do miss their friends and their teachers, but they all said they are enjoying “away from home” school today.  We will get even more serious tomorrow as we plan to spend most of the morning on school.  We are planning to go to a nearby park sometime in the afternoon, so the incentive will be to work hard in the morning so they can play hard in the afternoon.

We ended our good day by enjoying another spirited dinner with the Ritzman family at Solo Pizza again tonight.  It is a little expensive for 6 of us and we certainly can’t do it every night, but it is going to be tough to make much of anything for dinners in our apartment.  So far, we haven’t found a grocery store within walking distance where we can get more than convenience items, and even if we did, we don’t have an oven.  So I’m a little disappointed that it is going to be difficult to make decent dinners at home.  So it may seem like we are eating out a lot, but our options are limited with no car, no oven, and no easy access to good groceries.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Corrine Clauson
    Apr 04, 2011 @ 20:21:16

    Your posts are such a blessing! Thank you for sharing this amazing journey with you 🙂 Many prayers for you each day!
    Love, Corrine


  2. Corrine Clauson
    Apr 04, 2011 @ 20:21:58

    Oops, I meant sharing this amazing journey with US!!


  3. The McEacherns
    Apr 04, 2011 @ 22:05:10

    Sorry for the delay, but trust that God has purpose for you during the next couple days. We waited a day shy of 2 weeks for a second SDA appointment. It was a little frustrating, but it was good for our marriage and we also got to fellowship with and minister to several other adoptive families. Praying that all goes well for the appointment on Wednesday!


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