Day 8 – Referral Received!

Quick post tonight.  Probably the best thing for ALL of us (readers included)!

We received our referral for Ilya from the SDA today.  Tomorrow morning, we will be picked up by the driver and brought to the Juvenile Welfare office in the district where Ilya was either born or living before he went to live at the orphanage.  It will be interesting to briefly see his area of the city.  From there, we will head out to the orphanage in Novosilky.  A social worker will accompany our attorney as we understand it and she will observe our interaction with Ilya for a while once we arrive.

We are certainly looking forward to seeing him again after all these months!  The kids were truly jubilant when we announced the plan for tomorrow.  They really love him and can’t wait to see him again.  It will be fun to see them all interacting with him and having fun together again.

We had a good day with our noses to the grindstone with school for the kids and I and work for Bruce.  The evening was a little rough as only 1 out of 4 of the kids was asleep at 10:30, so the adult-only time started rather late.  It is interesting for all of us to be together most of the time all day.  We are in a much smaller space than at home and many times we are all in the same room together.  That happens at home too, but not for nearly as much time.  There isn’t much “down” time.

Please pray that we will get up and get going in the morning.  We are a little stressed about having to be ready to go rather early.  We are fairly organized and ready to go, but that time will fly by in the morning before we go out the door.  We would also appreciate prayers over our day.  We all want to get past our shyness quickly and have a very positive, blessed time with Ilya. It will be tiring with all the car travel and language struggles.  Thanks for your prayers!

I promise to take and post more pictures tomorrow!


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