School Day

We certainly missed attending our church on Sunday, but because of our crazy Ukrainian lifestyle, we needed to utilize the whole day for schooling.  We missed hearing Pastor David’s sermon, but we look forward to listening to the podcast sometime soon.  We were grateful to hear last week’s message on Friday evening.

Knowing that Monday would be an Ilya visit day, we did school work for about 6 hours on Sunday.  We got a lot accomplished with all 3 kids and I finally feel like we’re in a good place again.  The kids are all doing great rolling with our new school format.  It has been challenging for mom, but I am getting in the swing of things.  I have always admired the dedication and hard work of home-schooling parents, but I have a whole new level of respect for them now!  It really has been a blessing to me to spend this kind of time with my kids.  I have especially enjoyed the Bible lessons with Stephanie and Katie.  It moves me deeply to see their relationships with Christ deepening and to see them trusting their lives to him.  I am truly amazed at their level of Biblical understanding at such young ages.  It is so evident that their Calvin teachers are doing a great job of impressing truth upon their hearts.


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