Getting into a Groove

Because we didn’t have to tear out of here today and because it wasn’t designated as a school day, we had a rather casual morning before heading out to see Ilya.  I was able to have each of the kids complete a Bible worksheet, and that felt good on a day where it wasn’t necessarily a goal.  Bruce and Brian made a little grocery run for some lunch food while the girls and I got some dishes washed.

We aren’t at an expert level with the Metro by any means, but we aren’t newbies anymore either!  Bruce made a dry run on Sunday and tried out our new route.  Before, we walked about 25 minutes to get down to Maidan to hop on the subway.  It was a treacherous uphill walk for all of us on the way home after a long day!  Today, we hopped on a different line from a station very near our apartment.  Going this way is more complicated, but well worth it!  We had to make a transfer and we had to go to a different level within the tunnels and then make sure we were getting on the right train going in the right direction!  Bruce’s Russian-reading skills are passable and he can do decently deciphering something that he’s looking for (our stop down the line).  My Russian alphabet is coming along, but I only know about a third of the most-used letters at this point.  So I was completely relying on Bruce to get us on the correct train!  We made it without errors on the way to Novosilky.

We had another good visit with Ilya and he admitted that he was sad today when we left.  We are so grateful to God for the bond that he is forming between Ilya and us.  We believe that healing has begun and we look forward to seeing God restore him as we build a loving, trusting, relationship with him.

We stopped by the market again in Novosilky today, but we only bought a few things.  I ran out of the laundry detergent that I brought with us, so we would be in laundry crisis soon if I hadn’t taken care of that need!  It felt good to throw in another load when we got home.

Our trip home was pretty smooth too.  We did make one mistake at our transfer point and ended up on the wrong level, but we realized it looked wrong and that we had come up too far.  We took the really long escalator instead of the shorter stairway.  So we backtracked and found our train “home”.  It felt like a giant victory!  We weren’t so fried when we got home either, which everyone benefitted from.  Bruce and Brian (pattern here) went on a food run and scored some “pizza” from a kiosk vendor down the street.  It was mostly a pie-shaped piece of bread, with little to no sauce, and very few toppings.  It received mixed reviews, but we got 8 giant pieces for 64 grivna, about $8.  Everyone got a full tummy, so we counted that a success as well.

We finally got internet service back tonight, so we are catching up on emails and the blog of course.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. The McEacherns
    Apr 11, 2011 @ 22:21:26

    Hey! We made it and are staying right next to the Golden Gate, not very far at all from you if you’re still by the Opera House. Give us a call at 38095-3918221 if you’re interested in getting together! (Today is our only full free day, SDA tomorrow.)


  2. The McEacherns
    Apr 12, 2011 @ 08:17:00

    We realized that if you’re dialing from in Kiev, you drop the first two digits (38) of the phone number. Hope to meet soon! (And BTW, we’re from AZ!)


  3. motorcyclemama5
    Apr 12, 2011 @ 08:42:24

    I know!! I am SO sorry that I mis-posted that. I have corrected it – before reading this comment. My husband somehow got that in my head and he has been reprimanded. : )


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