A Grand Day!

Not knowing quite what to expect this morning, we sent out a call for prayer and once again our team of warriors had our backs.  We spent much of the day yesterday processing this impending meeting and needed to pray multiple times to achieve peace about it.  We were glad we had a whole day to process and prepare.  By the time it came this morning, we felt ready.  We really appreciate all the prayers that were given on our behalf.

We believe who we met with was the District Director for the district Ilya was born in.  He must oversee the Juvenile Welfare office.  He had a nice, spacious corner office – unlike all the other offices we have been in so far!  He greeted us very cordially and then got straight to his point by asking us “Why are you here?”  Kind of dumb-founded, we answered “Because you invited us?”  We just weren’t sure how specific or general to be at that point.  Everyone snickered a little after our answer, so it was a good tension-breaker and cleared things up for us!  Oh, you mean, Why are we here in Ukraine??  And what are we doing and why are doing it? Both of us have had plenty of socially awkward moments in our lives and this was another one of them!

Once we established that we are here to adopt Ilya because we hosted him last summer, his questions became more specific.  He gave us the perfect pitch to give him the answer that we were so hopeful to have the opportunity to share.  He asked us why we wanted to adopt a child when we have [a whole houseful of] biological children.  We were so glad that he asked this question and that he asked it in the way that he did.  I explained to him that we thought our family was complete.  But we were aware of the many orphaned children who need families and it tugged at our hearts. When we learned about the hosting program, we decided to pray about it.  I told him that we prayed for a long time (months) about it and that we sensed God calling us to adopt a child.  Bruce added that while we hosted Ilya last summer, we fell in love with him and we could see that the director was moved by this.  We continued to share with him all the ways that Ilya fits so well in our family and how he and Brian connected as brothers so quickly.  He smiled as he paged through our photo book and saw the evidence of Ilya belonging in our family.  He was clearly moved by hearing that we responded to God’s call on our lives to adopt and heartily said “God bless you” when we finished our story.  He wished us well and signed our papers immediately!

We believe that this meeting was appointed by God and that His intentions were fulfilled.  We are so blessed to have been part of it.  To think that we were initially fearful and wondered if it was a negative thing that the meeting had been called!

As we returned to the car, our attorney briefed us on where he was headed next.  He had until 11:00 to submit our conclusion documents to the SDA, to prepare us to request a court date.  He said “I need to know what his name is going to be because I have to write it on the document that I am about to submit.”  That one caught us a little off-guard!  I knew it was coming soon and the night before we had reviewed a few options that we had previously discussed between us and also with Ilya, but only on the phone and then further explained to him in a letter before coming.  We had not yet had time or the opportunity to discuss this privately with Ilya in person.  So we quickly had another brief discussion and then in a completely unromantic way said “Hey, Ilya, are you still okay with the name we discussed before?”  The orphanage social worker translated for us and Ilya responded “Yes.”  And we said “Are you sure?  Because we want you to like your name and how you feel about it is important to us.”  Once again he said “Yes.”  So we turned to our attorney and said “Yes, his name shall be Nathan Ilya Boehrs.”  And it was done.  Just like that.  No fanfare.  No deep discussions about the meaning of his new name, etc.  Thankfully, we had covered all that in a detailed letter that we sent in the mail a while back.  The literal meaning of his name is “a gift,” the suggested character quality is “given of God.”

We jumped in the car and the driver took us all out to the orphanage.  We had a great day with Ilya and the Ritzman family again.  All of our kids have been playing together and getting to know each other and it has been such a blessing to all of us.  We look forward to continuing our relationship back in Minnesota.

We left COCH at about 3:15 and caught Bus #255 back to the Metro stop.  Olivia got a little nap in despite the bumpy ride.  We cruised through the turnstiles, walked down the steps and hopped on the train.  We made our transfer flawlessly today and were thankful not to have confusion.  Perhaps we’re becoming less of a spectacle in the subway system now that we have found our way.  However, we never seen anyone riding the subway trains with more than one child with them.  Bruce says we just don’t care anymore and have accepted our “freak” status!


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Amy Pfeifer
    Apr 13, 2011 @ 20:11:04

    Bruce and Jill! We are so very glad the meeting you were nervous about went better than expected! Perhaps God is planting seeds in the Ukrainian people through you, and this was one of them. Missing you guys, and looking forward to seeing ALL of you soon – Amy


  2. Corrine Clauson
    Apr 13, 2011 @ 20:35:33

    Thank you so much for sharing the details!! I love your ‘freak’ status..it’s inspiring!! I have a college friend who just adopted a baby boy. She remembers Lisa from Moorhead State~~I have been sharing your story with her…she is loving every minute!!
    God Bless!!! Corrine


  3. Molly Vesperman
    Apr 14, 2011 @ 09:27:11

    Chills reading this! Praise God for His faithfulness!


  4. Mom Judy
    Apr 15, 2011 @ 12:07:14

    Sounds like you had a great day! I forgot to ask you about Brians birthday. Do I send his card to your home or what. If I send it there you might miss it. Love to all Mom.


    • motorcyclemama5
      Apr 15, 2011 @ 15:02:05

      Hi Judy,
      Yes, just send it to our home address and Brian will get it when we get home. Our mail is being held at the PO until then. Thank you for thinking of him in the midst of all this! We are planning to get him a cake at the market near the orphanage on Monday and celebrate with Ilya too. : )
      Love you! Jill


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