Court Date Received

We were utterly shocked and amazed to receive news today that our day in court to complete Ilya’s adoption has already been scheduled for next Wed., April 20.  We were so surprised to receive a date so quickly.  Kudos to our awesome attorney who works very hard and is very diligent in working with all the families.  He has been absolutely awesome through everything and it has been a total blessing to work with him from the beginning.

We scheduled our roundtrip tickets on an educated guess, not having any idea whether or not it would work out.  We half expected to have to reschedule our return flight and figured we might be facing change fees.  Well, we are scheduled to depart on Monday, April 25, so there are even some days to spare and a few days of the waiting period will pass while we are still here.  We couldn’t be more thrilled by God’s timing in all of this.  We had left it up to Him and were trusting him with whatever he had for us.  And if it meant rescheduling and paying change fees – so be it.  We knew that he would have something special in that for us, if that had been the case.

We had to get out to the orphanage earlier than normal today since our facilitator needed to meet with us briefly.  Please pray for him.  He has lost a friend and is headed to Moscow for the weekend for the funeral.

Since we left earlier than normal, both the metro and the bus were way more crowded than they have been.  We all ended up standing on the bus for much of the ride.  It depends on the driver, but many times they take off very quickly and stop very abruptly.  You really need to plant your feet and hang on or you might go flying and take several other people out on your way down.

It was such a beautiful day here today.  We’ve had a lot of chilly days with wind and not much sunshine.  But today was perfect.  We really enjoyed watching the kids have so much fun together outside riding bikes and scooters, playing soccer, swinging, and playing in the sand.  It was very difficult to leave and we ended up staying much later than normal.  I had quite a few grocery items to grab before jumping on the bus, so we really got a late start back to the apartment.  Well, the Ritzman’s have warned us…  It was so crowded and crazy busy on the way back.  The bus ride was much longer; the metro was completely stuffed with people.  The only positive was that Olivia got a longer nap on the bus.  She has been crashing on the way home after the last several high-activity orphanage visits!  She just plays to the max and wears her little self out.  She loves her old brother, she loves her new brother, she loves the Ritzman boys and she does her very best to try and keep up with everyone.  She is on high-octane most of the time while we are there.

We had a wonderful supper of buttered noodles and our first “Ukrainian” grilled cheese (thank you Marcie M for the idea!) with ketchup (thanks for the tip, Nellie!).  I had intended to include cooked frozen veggies, but with the late start on supper it never happened.

We ended our day with the kids and I watching a movie while Bruce did some work.  We are grateful to him for setting up an iTunes account last weekend and renting Tangled online for us today.  It was truly enjoyable – a delightful movie enjoyed by my sweet girls and their brave brother (he loved it, but don’t tell anyone).  We all relaxed and laughed and it was very good.  (And we stayed out of Bruce’s proverbial hair.)


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  1. Carol Havig
    Apr 15, 2011 @ 21:09:06

    What a trip we’ve traveled as we’ve been on this venture with you. Our Board is so into it that I know there have been some awesome requests presented at the throne! And then to “partake” of the joy and excitement besides – what a blessing! As I said before, you people really do lead a “to God be the glory” kind of life and it is such a joy to be on the sidelines cheering you on and keeping up with what Father God is doing each step of the way! Bless you as you continue to give of yourselves so freely and share the presence of Jesus with each one you come in contact. He likes that, you know?! When we are blest He is blest as well and loves to see His children enjoying the tasks He has put before them – doing all things in confidence and joy without complaining and seeing Him in each incident. That blesses Him sooooooo! He sends His love to you each one!!!


    • motorcyclemama5
      Apr 16, 2011 @ 04:43:17

      And what encouraging cheerleaders and faithful prayer warriors you have been! We could NOT have done this alone and are so thankful for the wonderful support that God raised up for us. May he be praised and glorified!


  2. Shannon Stewart
    Apr 15, 2011 @ 23:18:10

    Hey, my iTunes idea panned out for you! I’m glad you got to watch a movie or two without having to read subtitles. Sometimes it’s nice to just sit and watch a movie. I’m sooooo happy that you got your court date so fast. Praying that things will continue to go relatively smoothly.


    • motorcyclemama5
      Apr 16, 2011 @ 04:40:02

      Thanks so much, Shannon! I had forgotten that it was your idea so I didn’t give you proper credit. : ) It WAS really nice to just sit and enjoy a movie with the kids. Things have gone really well and we are mostly relaxed while in our apartment, but anytime we go anywhere, there is always underlying stress due to language and the pace of everyone around us. Our apartment life really has been a haven to regroup, relax, and recharge.


  3. Dave Ritzman
    Apr 15, 2011 @ 23:31:48

    Congratulations guys! And PTL! We’ll miss you all and the orphanage. Jeanne’ll be back. And we certainly look forward to our families with Iilya and Sasha getting together in MN.


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