Exit Strategy

Our last few days in Ukraine are laid out now and here is what they will look like:

Saturday:  COCH kids will go to the circus all afternoon.  The Boehrs family (minus Ilya) will use this as a vacation day and see some more sights and do some fun things.

Easter Sunday:  This will be our last time visiting Ilya at the orphanage before leaving Ukraine.  We have some more pictures to take, including a family snapshot with all 7 of us.  We would love to attend church somewhere, but honestly, it is too much hassle and would take up too much of the day.  We are planning to have “home church” as we did last Sunday.  As it is, we will spend over two hours riding out to the orphanage and back.  We want to spend as much time as we can with Ilya, since Bruce won’t be back until May 4 to pick him up.

Monday:  We will pack our stuff up in the morning, have lunch, and then Sergei and Igor will be picking us up (we need two vehicles in Ukraine for all our people and luggage!) at 2:30 to head back to the Borispol airport.  We will check in by 3:30 for our 5:20pm flight.  We will fly into Amsterdam and stay the night as we have a layover.  We were thankful to hear from the Ritzman’s that we can keep our checked luggage checked during our stay in Amsterdam!

So back to a little blurb about Friday.  We did not leave for the orphanage until after 1:00.  The Metro was VERY busy today and the (255) bus was even worse!  Even after passing up a full one, we rode the most crowded bus we’ve been on so far and it was awful.  Bruce, Brian, Katie, and I all ended up standing for the entire time.  We were sandwiched together (Katie wasn’t even by us) and the people just kept packing on the bus.  I was trying to maintain a good attitude and reflect on all the good bus rides we had that hadn’t been like this one.  I was also VERY thankful for an open window that provided a little fresh breeze, because many times it’s like 80 degrees on the bus when it’s 50 degrees outside.  Yuck.  We survived and arrived at our destination.  Poor Katie couldn’t worm her way out and started crying.  I had to get over to her and tell people that they needed to let her off.  A man tried to board the bus in the midst of all this and I held up my hand and said “nyet,” so I could get Katie and I off the bus!  Apparently the buses were so crowded because people were leaving town for Easter weekend.  They must have been taking the bus to get to the train station.  Many people had bags with them, which also didn’t work so well on a really crowded bus!

We decided to approach our route back to our apartment a little differently.  A mostly empty 507 bus pulled up and we decided to hop on.  We knew this bus was another option and were warned that the bus ride would be longer as it takes you to a Metro stop further down the line, instead of the one closest to Novosilky.  We were so thankful to be sitting on a quiet, cool, bus.  It was actually relaxing, rather than stressful like it is sometimes.  As it turned out, we came across a Metro stop before the Lybidska stop, so we weren’t even on the bus much longer!  It was an awesome option, for those of you who are coming soon.  It was the stop right after the one we normally get on!  We also hit a great bakery kiosk with a very kind woman running it.  We grabbed 6 pastry treats for dessert and it was only 18 grivna – about $2.25!  The Metro was not crowded by this time in the evening and our trip home was uneventful.

The 255 bus that we catch from the last Metro stop.


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  1. Dave Ritzman
    Apr 23, 2011 @ 09:20:24

    Praise God for His traveling mercies on local (Kyiv) travel. We look forward to our continued friendship. God bless the Boehrs in all travel with Your mercies, favor and protection as they return home.
    Happy Resurrection Day!

    P.S. In Amsterdam, make sure you have all needs in the carry-ons. Also, each hotel shuttle has a specifically assigned spot for pick up. We stayed at the Dorint Hotel…their assigned spot was #9-13A w/ :45 & :15 on the hour pick up. Final note…the next morning at your Delta gate there will be a huge line for check in…but no worries…the People with children are let in first in an impromptu entrance and checked in specially. No waiting…PTL.


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