Dropped some grivna in and around Independence Square

We had a fun time today. Started the day with the business of life – a little schooling and little laundry just to keep it all rolling in the right direction. Everyone was tired and dragging today. Several of us needed a little nap after lunch. After we woke up, we hit the streets of Kyiv! We saw many interesting things (photos below) and finally did some shopping just for fun! Some time ago, we spotted the perfect souvenir shop on Khreschatik Street that contained all the sorts of things that the girls and I were hoping to buy. We arrived today and the door was closed and the “closed” sign was hanging in the window. I was so sad and kicking myself for not getting here earlier in our stay. As we lamented and wondered if they would be open on Monday, a sales lady came and opened the door! They must have been closed for lunch. Stephanie, Katie, and I had a wonderful time choosing some gifts for classmates, grandparents, and a few special items for ourselves. I had seen a plate in the window that I just loved when we first found the store. It has three young ladies on it and reminded me of my girls. It was the only one they had and I bought it today! It will be fun to display in my home. We also love matryoshka dolls and had fun looking them over and choosing one for each of us. Eventually, we let Olivia and Brian come in the shop too, but I needed some shopping time without them. God bless them both. Stephanie and Katie are both on task with me and what I am trying to accomplish, so it is fun to shop with them.

From there, we went into the underground mall and ate at McDonald’s. This was a very good option for us, as we were able to actually find seating for the entire family in the food court area. We also used the pay potties for the first time. Kids are free, so we think we got a really good deal!

Then we went to a media store where they had a ton of kid movies to choose from. This was an important agenda item for us as it was a lifesaver last summer when Ilya was with us and we all needed a break from struggling with language and some down time. The Haak family generously loaned to us a bunch of their very precious Russian-dubbed American movies and we are so grateful! As we were preparing to host Ilya, Alesia stuck them in a bag, handed them to me, and said “Here, you’re going to need these!” Little did I know how valuable they would prove to be. We got about 10 movies for less than $10 each.

We also stopped by a kiosk in the subway tunnel area and Katie bought a beautiful Ukrainian girl doll and promptly named her Katia. Bruce and I each grabbed our first cup of real coffee since arriving in Kyiv. It wasn’t quite up to the standards of our favorite coffee shop, American Joe, in Blaine, but it tasted pretty good compared to the instant coffee we’ve been drinking for the last 3 1/2 weeks!

We surfaced back up to street level and a big celebration was taking place. This is the second time we have seen this sort of thing happening. They close down Khreschatik Street on the weekends and a stage and huge lights and sound system with jumbotrons are set up. There were a huge number of dancers in the street doing a routine set to music. It was quite impressive and they were drawing an equally impressive audience. We stayed for a while and watched all the excitement while we drank our coffee. The kids decided they should have a treat too, and we encouraged Brian and Stephanie to try their hands at doing business in the Kyiv market place at the ice cream shop. They went up to the kiosk all by themselves and ordered 4 ice cream cones for them and their sisters. Unfortunately, there was some misunderstanding, as they got something a little different from what they thought they ordered, but in the end, it was yummy ice cream and we were proud of them for being so brave and using some of their Russian language skills.

Since it’s all uphill from there to the apartment and we were heavy-laden with packages, we decided to hop on the Metro from Khreschatik and ride home part-way. We were grateful for the day off from our regular routine and happy that we got to do some of the things we were hoping to.

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Corrine Clauson
    Apr 23, 2011 @ 19:59:02

    Thank you! Thank you, for letting us come along on the journey!! What a privilege it has been to read your blog. We continue to pray for you~that our mighty God will give you His peace and strength!!! Love, Corrine


  2. motorcyclemama5
    Apr 24, 2011 @ 12:48:01

    Thank you, Corrine. You are SUCH a blessing to me! It has been so awesome to be in touch with you through all this and have your support, encouragement, and prayers. What a sweet heart you have. : )


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