Surviving Without My Right-hand Man

The purpose of this post is mostly to make my husband jealous!  It’s also a good indicator that I am surviving, since my sense of humor is returning.  Humor is a vital sign of  life for me.  For those of you who were not aware of this before, many people have been learning that I am not normally the family cook.  I can do it when I need to, but Bruce is the day to day guy and I am the clean-up gal.  We both prefer our regular roles and it works well for us!  So evening meal planning and preparation have been my biggest challenge during Bruce’s absence.  Now let me first say this:  every meal has certainly not been some sort of masterpiece, but I have had a few highlights along the way since becoming in charge of the kitchen.

On this day, I used the grill for the very first time in my life.  I asked Bruce if he would be willing (he is a little possessive with his grill) to type out step by step instructions for me on how to start up the grill.  He did and then I printed them out and carried them with me to the daunting, fire-breathing cooking station.  Apparently his instructions were good, because I was able to successfully light the grill without burning down the house!  You laugh, but I’ve read stories of people doing this very thing!  I’m not very afraid of fire, but I do have a phobia about gas.

Long story short, I grilled up some chicken, some with barbeque sauce and a couple pieces with only garlic salt and chives for certain people (Stephanie) who like it simpler.  I got an A from everyone around the table (including particular Kate) and we enjoyed some tasty, juicy chicken made my Mama!  Don’t worry Bruce, I have no plans of a permanent take-over, but I am rather proud of my first time out being a success!

Bruce is very much looking forward to returning home and I’m sure he needs no further incentive.  But I just want to say that I have been driving your car, cooking on your grill, digging out your weeds (okay, that probably doesn’t make you jealous) and may even take your lawnmower for a spin if I can work up the ambition!  The neighbor down the street has mowed twice now and he has no weeds.  Talk about jealousy!


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  1. Bruce in Ukraine
    May 13, 2011 @ 10:18:10

    It worked! I am very jealous! Nate and I have been not enjoying my crummy cooking here. We have the same foods over and over and I can’t wait to get back to my fire-breathing cooking station! I can’t wait to get home, dig out the sandals and shorts, and fire up that grill. The variety here in my meal selections are poor. I found out today that Nathan likes eggs. I asked him in the market one day if he wanted eggs, and he made it clear that he did not. It came up a lunch today when he was devouring a couple of sunny-side-ups. Our facilitator asked him in Russian about the egg incident in the market, and Nathan indicated that he couldn’t eat raw eggs. Poor kid – I wouldn’t think of serving him raw eggs! We both have much to learn.


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