Kindergarten round-up

Olivia at the entrance to Calvin Christian School 

I started this as an adoption blog, and primarily it still is.  But I have to report on some “normal family life” as well.  Thursday was a big day for our youngest child, Olivia.  She got to go to Calvin Christian School for Kindergarten Round-up today.  It is finally her turn!  She has been living for the start of school and has been ready for some time.  She asked me the night before “Do I get to ride the bus in the morning?”  I said “No, Sweetie, Kindergarten Round-up is in the afternoon and Mama will take you.”  She was SO disappointed.

The next morning, she woke up all excited about her big day.  She had a normal day in the morning, had some lunch, and then it was time to get dressed for her special event.  She was so excited to wear one of her favorite dresses and I enjoyed hearing and seeing her excitement.

She was not disappointed.  She had a great afternoon with Mrs. Bierma and Mrs. Pfeifer and enjoyed the fun activities they had prepared for the kids.  She also got to meet 7 of her classmates and is so excited about having new friends.  At supper time, we asked her if she made a friend and her response was “They’re all my friends!”  Olivia is our very social girl and will absolutely love having a classroom full of playmates!  She also loves learning and was very interested in all that the kindergarten room has to offer.  Any sad feelings that I have about her leaving home for 3 days a week in the fall are quickly replaced by sharing in her joy about this very exciting time in her life!

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  1. Bruce in Ukraine
    May 14, 2011 @ 10:10:11

    Oh my goodness, the “baby” is launching! I am so disappointed in myself because I forgot it was the day! We can’t reunite this family soon enough for my liking. A passport, medical exam, visa, and three nasty plane rides separate me/us from the goal!


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