Joyous Homecoming

The girls worked pretty hard decorating their sign

Finally leveling out after 9 weeks of non-typical life.  I’ve needed a little time to recover, so this post is rather late in coming.  But the sentiment is the same as I still remember it being a day filled with great anticipation of the arrival of Daddy and Nathan.  Our expectations were fulfilled as they arrived home as scheduled on Saturday, May 21 around 6:30 pm.

They awoke for the day at 2:30 am (May 21) Ukraine time.  That’s 6:30pm (May 20) Minnesota time.  They flew out of Kiev at 5:30am.  They had a 5 hour layover in Frankfurt, Germany.  They boarded the plane in Frankfurt to Chicago at 5:30am (Minnesota time).  They arrived in Chicago at about 3:00pm, went through customs during their 2 hour layover, and boarded their last flight back to Minneapolis at about 5:00pm.  So by the time they landed at MSP, it had been 24 hours since they woke up in Kiev.  That just wears me out thinking about it!  They were blessed to share the trip home with Nathan’s good friend, Jason Ritzman, and his mom, Jeanne.

My sister, Lisa, and our close friends, the Junker Family, joined us and Dave & Lucas Ritzman at the airport as we anticipated the arrival of our four loved ones.  It was fun to share our joy with some family and dear friends.  Our girls made a sign and I bought some balloons to welcome Nathan home.  They were very tired when they arrived, but were relieved to be done traveling.

We ended the day with a simple celebration and enjoyed some ice cream cake from DQ.  It is so good to be back together as a whole family!

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