Our first teenager

Brian on Mother’s Day 2012

Brian celebrated his 13th birthday on a Wednesday.  Bruce was at one of his spring grad school classes and the rest of us were at church activities for the evening.  Brian attended youth group like usual and enjoyed his night.  When we came home, we celebrated briefly with [another] ice cream cake from DQ.  Unfortunately, things took a turn when we spontaneously decided to hide to surprise Brian when he came downstairs after taking a quick shower.  We flipped off the lights and as we all scrambled to find a good hiding place, this triggered a PTSD response in our wounded one and the night ended very differently than I anticipated.  As a result of this, I didn’t get a picture of Brian with his cake on his birthday. We learned something important that night and it served as another reminder that life just isn’t “normal” anymore.  New house rule:  No hiding in the dark to surprise someone.


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